Source: Fine Home Building.
If you do a quick Google search for 'Dog Architecture' there are two typical results. The first, epitomized in Fred Albert's book Barkitecture, are examples of extravagant dog houses, created with all of the creature comforts a well-loved canine companion deserves. The second are examples of off-leash dog parks, expertly integrated into beautiful landscape designs that are discretely fenced and free of poisonous plants. If you refine your search to 'Pet-Friendly Home Design', there are many articles discussing interior design issues such as flooring, furnishings and other elements to provide a comfortable, safe home for you pet. However, in addition to interior and landscape design, if you have the good fortune to renovate or build a new home, there are many pragmatic space planning considerations for the dog owner.

Planning opportunities include storage, maintenance and rest. Compared to a typical house cat, dogs – especially large breeds – have considerable more space requirements. If you love the look of contemporary, minimalist architecture, to achieve this the dog owner must ensure that everything has a place. This includes not only food and water dishes, leashes, mitts, and towels, but also designated areas for sleeping and cleaning. Solutions to these requirements vary from integrated millwork to designated rooms.